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Marine Radios Make Ocean Voyages More Safer Than Ever

A marine radio, as it’s called is a special kind of radio gadget used on a marine craft. It has different purposes like contacting for rescue and other marine-based communications. A marine radio is a two-way radio which has a transmitter and receiver combined. Like any other radio, it operates on channels.

Marine radios with VHF are usually found on almost all sea crafts. Marine radios are very useful to the Navy since it could easily transmit warning signals like a possible collision. During emergencies, marine radios are used to call for assistance from all marine and harbor bases. These marine radios are very important even to the smallest mariner. They also keep its user updated on the weather reports to be more prepared while sailing on the vast ocean waters.

These marine radios were to be used by only transmitting and receiving voice messages, but there are also those which were designed DSC. DSC has been of good use to marine radios since it can alert other marine crafts with just a touch of a button. Currently, the DSC marine radios are the commonly used ones since they are more convenient that its traditional marine radio counterpart. Most importantly, marine attendants should know how to properly use these marine radios since every sea craft has to have one.

The United Kingdom, Canada, USA, Australia, and New Zealand are currently using the 88 radio channels. Most of these are utilized by the Coast Guards and other important marine agencies. They monitor important channels such as 16 and 70 twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to provide alert assistance to the sailors and mariners. These VHF marine radios are always necessary since it maintains the safety and security of the vessel as well as its passengers.

The ocean is a vast space, so constant communication between marine vessels is important to avoid possible dangers while on the sail. Some people call the marine radios as very high-tech walkie talkies. Since it serves the whole marine sector, it should have a wider scope compared to other two-way radios. Too much risk is involved when marine radios were not used as designated. There were already lots of sea-related tragedies which took place because of carelessness and loss of communication from the base or other means of communication. That’s why two-way marine radios are crucial for the marines to make sure that every trip and voyage in the ocean is a safe one.

So the next time you decide to go on an ocean trip or even a simple fishing adventure, make sure that your boat is equipped with a marine radio. We don’t always know what could happen in the ocean. To make it more enjoyable, there are marine radios which have built in CD player. Clarion Marine CD Players, for example have built-in amplifier. They can broadcast AM and FM. The marine radio was built to last in the harsh ocean environment and of course, it has a tough waterproof design.