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The Motorola XV1100 Communication Made Easier

Motorola pioneered the first two-way radio in the 1940s. Since then, Motorola has kept developing more state-of-the-art two way radios which have more functions and features. These two way radios are in the gadget market with different designs and models.

Motorola has launched different models of two way radios. Recently, they introduced the Motorola XTN xv1110 VHF radios. This radio is capable of programming to different frequencies which makes it the most convenient choice for radio buyers. The xv1100 model is so convenient to use that it helps you to have instant communication. In this way, your response will be transmitted fast to where it should be. A busy manager could keep track of his subordinates’ work through fast and easy communication using the xv1100.

The new xv1100 model from Motorola is mainly designed for businesses. This radio uses FCC frequency which is very reliable and the most suitable frequency to use for a business. Business security is improved, as well as employee productivity is maximized. Cellular phones may be convenient to use too but using two way radios is more cost effective and practical in business communication. For example, a boss who’s always on the go and has lots of outdoor projects can still communicate with his workers and be updated on recent developments with projects left in the office. Xv1100 has all you need for your business and for a person who’s always on the go. Its tough design makes it more durable, but it is lightweight which makes it easier to carry it anywhere with you. It’s clipped on the belt so you won’t have the hassle of always securing it with your hands.

Right now, Motorola’s xv1100 has been of great use for many individuals and businesses. Grocery stores, hospitals, and many others have benefited from using the radio. It made business easier for them and they were able to provide a safer place for shopping for their customers. Especially in construction areas, vx1100 is put to good use since it’s designed to function effectively in noisy or higher volume environments. This radio has an acoustic cabinet which is enhanced with a newly designed chip for optimum function.

XV1100s are so durable that they can withstand the toughest weather and working conditions. These xv1100 models were designed to be water, drop and shock proof so they are a better choice than cellular phones when it comes to their durability. They can last up to 15 hours but could be extended to 24 hours with the use of an extra battery. Two AA batteries are just enough to make xv1100 work more after the main power source has been used up. XV1100s usability is up to 200,000 square feet range. So even if you’re on the tenth floor of the building, you can still talk to your co-workers on the ground floor.

With different conditions and a lot of demands at work, it’s important to use the best quality of gadgets, tools, or machinery to help get the job done smoother and more quickly.