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ICOMs Featured Radio Equipment

ICOM America is part of ICOM incorporated’s  (maker of ICOM radio equipment)  many ICOM offices around the world, with its headquarters in Japan. ICOM has been part of the electronic communications industry since the 1970s. The company produced different gadgets and communication equipment suitable for any situation and used at any time.

There are many selections of ICOM radio equipment currently available on the market. The products range from two-way radios, radars, marine radios and aviation radios.

JIDPO or Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization introduced the IC-RX7 ICOM radio equipment in 2008. The wideband receiver received the Good Design Award, Japan’s thorough design evaluation system of market products. The ICOM radio equipment was entitled with the award because of its ergonomic design. The IC-RX7 is easy to use and its features are very simple which makes it more user-friendly. Easy access to information is just a push of a button away. This ICOM radio equipment model was as well designed to withstand varying weather conditions.

Another ICOM radio equipment is the IC-E80D which as an optional GPS microphone. This ICOM radio equipment is suitable for position reporting because it can show position data. It can even identify a D-star station on its screen. Like other ICOM radio equipment devices, the device is rugged and suitable for outdoor use. It’s splash resistant which makes it available to use during sunny or rainy weather.

Next in ICOM’s list of radio equipment is the EC-E90 multi-band handheld receiver. EC-E90 can cover 50, 144, and 430 MHz bands. It has a wide band receiver in AM/FM/WFM modes. With the size of only 58x87x29mm, this ICOM radio equipment was designed for long operating periods with is high standard battery.

Another ICOM radio equipment which belongs to the list is the ICOM IC-T70E. It’s a handy talkie. The IC-T70E embodies the usual two-way radio design with its rugged two-meter structure. It’s dust resistant which makes it available to use in a sunny dusty environment. Trekking on a dessert will be safer and more enjoyable with the use of this handy talkie. It’s splash resistant as well, but not submersible. The IC-T70E features a 302 memory channels with 50 scan edge. The controls are very easy and convenient to use which makes it more comfortable for use in any conditions. This ICOM radio equipment has a large speaker that could accommodate up to 700mW audio. The LCD display backlights are also convenient for both night and day viewing. This model has an auto power off feature which helps you fully utilize the hours that the radio works by automatically turning its power saving feature on when not in use.

There is still a wide range of ICOM radio equipments that ICOM incorporated can offer the consumers. Different kinds and models of two-way radios by ICOM are sold in the market, often at affordable prices. As always, radio equipment makins people’s lives easier and safer with its excellent features. Cell phones may have taken over the communication industry today, but there’s no way that two-way radios or ICOM radio equipment will ever go out of existence.